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Special Visitor

A VERY SPECIAL VISITOR, was in town this weekend (20-22 Jan 2017). Kevin Kincade is walking across the 48 continental United States in order to raise awareness and support for wounded veterans and support against veteran suicide. South Carolina was the 14th state and he will continue on his journey Monday after visiting with the members at McIntyre AFB. His plan is to walk to California via the southern most states then up to Oregon, Washington and then across the northern states back to he east coast. From that point he will continue his spiral walk of all 48 states. Please take the time to visit him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WalkForVeterans/. If you wish to support this veteran's valiant attempt to complete his mission please go to www.gofundme.com/2e4snybg to make a donation.


2016 Sumter County Fair

Here are two YouTube video's of this years exciting 2016 Sumter County Fair! Brought to you by the American Legion Sumter Post15! Come join us for lots of fun!

The Flying Pages

General Footage



"NOW IS THE TIME" is what your new commander (Robert Suitt) and all of his officers and members of the executive committee want you to keep in mind from today through the rest of the year 2016.

"NOW IS THE TIME" for all members to participate in recruiting new members. You have made the decision to "Stand Up" and be proud of the time that you have contributed in defending the freedom of our great country. Now is the time for you to talk to your relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues that have also been a member of the U.S. military and meet the requirements for membership. Explain to them why it is so important for all of us to participate in reaching out to the youth of America in whatever way possible.

As an individual we cannot change the problems that exist in our society today but as a member of the American Legion with all of our programs, activities and the support of the American Legion Auxiliary we can perhaps make a significant difference one child at a time.

Please, take several copies of the "Why you should belong" brochure and give them to someone you know that will be willing to make the same great decision you have already made.

"Now is the time", for all members to consider the answer to the question "am I doing all that I can do as a member of Post 15?"

We know fully well that there are some limitations that we may have as we get older and many can make it difficult or impossible for us to get around as much as we would like to. This is a great opportunity for those members that are still physically able to provide for members that can use some assistance in getting to meetings or participating in other Post 15 activities or to just help them with some chores at home. What a wonderful example this action will display to our children and grandchildren.

From Bingo nights to meeting nights, from the Boy Scouts to the P15s, from small events to the Sumter Fair, surely there is a job for you. Please give this some thought and when you make your decision contact the Adjutant who will give you further information.

"Now is the time", to let the community know that you are a member of the American Legion Post 15 of Sumter County. Remind them of who we are and what we do "together" to make our community and country better.


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