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We support numerous veteran, youth and community organizations with donations generated from the various fund-raising events we sponsor each year. Additional funds are always needed as the demand for help is great, especially with the allocated to help support the troops effected by the war. We would greatly appreciate your help and support.

We would like to thank the Sumter County Fair Association for their generous offer to pay for our Dinner meeting meals.

The American Legion strives to promote a better understanding of the principles of democracy and to inculcate (to impress or teach by frequent instruction) among all people a higher appreciation of the benefits of American citizenship. To serve the needs of all veterans and their families. To fulfill our commitment to community, state, and nation.

Our Members

"Still Serving America" is the motto of The American Legion. The Sumter SC Post 15 is proud to be part of America's largest wartime Veterans Service Organization. There are over 700 Member Veterans in our Post, who continue their service to America by serving Sumter, SC.


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